Field Rules and Lease Rules

1. Be cautious of your surrounds, hunters, guests, dogs and snakes.

2. Please remove all trash and PICK UP AND REMOVE ALL HULLS.

3. Please clean all birds away from the roadways.

4. Beware of your shooting angles and backgrounds. Don't not shoot towards buildings, vehicles, off water pivots, power lines or towards people.

5. Carry your hunting license and a form of identification.

6. Maintain a courtesy distance to any hunters already in the field hunting. The hunter that arrives at a particular spot first has the right to hunt that spot. No crowding other hunters.Practice good hunting etiquette.

7. Maintain a sober state at all time.

8. If you open a gate or gap, close it. If you open a lock, close the lock.

9. Each hunter must have signed a indemnity agreement with CWT Outdoors prior to accessing any property.

10. Each hunter is allowed to bring one hunting guest EXCEPT during the opening days: Cental Zone (Sept. 1), South Zone (Sept. 14)  AND the Special White-Wing Area (Sept. 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, & 12). No exceptions-please do not ask.

11. All guests must be accompanied by a paid hunting member at all times.

12. All guests must follow all rules.

13. There is no overnight camping allowed at any of the properties.

14. All hunters and guests must sign a Release of Liability form and sent to CWT Outdoors before entering a property.

15. There will be no second season/hunting after October 31st on the Nelson road properties due to deer hunters.

16. This is a season lease and not a guided hunt. When I receive scouting reports, i will forward this on to all hunters that I have a valid email address. Please do not call me for information, I live in Helotes and do not live in south Texas.

Any questions or problems, contact Chad Toepperwein (210)844-6420 or if not available, please contact a lease marshall.

17. This a DOVE ONLY HUNTING LEASE-NO hunting any other species allowed.

18. Combination locks are updaed each year. 

19. Once payment is made, I provide maps and gate combinations. There is no refunds once you have our confidential information. Please do not ask. 

20. Please stay on all established road and do not drive in the fields. You will get stuck and they will charge you $500 to pull you out.

21. Hunt on the edges of the fields/crops. Do not hunt in middle of the fields/crops.This in not safe to do.

22. Do not shoot at/near the water pivots or power lines. If there is a question on safety, do not take the shot.

23. No clay pigeons allowed on any properties at any time.